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Mobile Devices


Mobile Devices

Apple devices offer far more power than most others and yet, are delightfully simple to use. Mobile Devices such as iPhone and iPad work in incredibly personal and powerful ways powered by iOS. Their user interface is beautiful and easy to use, with intelligent suggestions appearing right when you need them. Advanced technologies are deployed to protect your privacy and security. These devices provide features and functionalities to help get users work better, more quickly and easily. Once you’ve experienced iOS, you’ll understand why so many people love using Apple devices.

Easy To Use

Right from the moment you pick up an Apple device, you are up and running. Tap your favorite app and get started right away — be it work, or plain entertainment. You can swipe from the right side of the Lock screen to quickly pull up your camera, and scroll through thousands of photos in seconds. Everything about the iOS is designed to look beautiful and work equally well.


Apple devices are smooth and responsive to the extent that their users don’t even notice it. Since iOS is engineered specifically for iPhone and iPad, everything looks and feels incredibly fluid. iOS uses a framework called “Metal” to maximize graphics performance. Whether you are surfing the web, moving from one app to another, or playing a complex 3D video game, the graphics and responsiveness are amazingly smooth. No other mobile operating system is so effortless and natural. Apple’s custom-designed anti-reflective coating makes the display clearer and more readable wherever you take your device.

Hardware and Software Designed Together

Apple devices leverage hardware and software made for each other, to ensure that everything works just so well. Apps can take full advantage of hardware features such as the powerful A10 chip, advanced camera system, Touch ID sensor, and 3D Touch. Your Apple iPad lets you work with two apps at once. iOS even helps your battery last longer by updating apps only when your device is plugged in. iOS is so smart that it can provide helpful suggestions to make writing a message easier, get you to your destination faster and even recommend apps you’re likely to love, all this while keeping your information private. iOS includes a variety of assistive features that allow people with disabilities to enjoy more of what iPhone and iPad have to offer. Thus they ensure that no one is left behind as technology moves forward. The Move to iOS apps makes it surprisingly simple to move all your important stuff, such as contacts, calendars, and photos, to your new iPhone or iPad.

Solutions Sales Service

Dev Sytems is the Apple Authorized Reseller for Small, Medium & Enterprise Businesses. We offer strategic advice, comprehensive services portfolio and enterprise standard support, to go alongside the Apple brand this will subsequently Bring efficiency and improve the ROI.

What can Dev Sytems offer?

Network and infrastructure solutions to help ensure a seamless implementation of iPads & iPhones

Customized training and curriculum options for end users and customer IT teams

Minimize timelines for deployment of devices with help of DEP, VPP & MDM

Help organizations develop in-house apps

Offer op-ex model for acquisition of devices through leasing partners

Deliver iPads/iPhones as per customer requirement and with specified settings

Proper technical evaluation with highly trained professionals

Technical support (pre-and post-sales)

At Dev Sytems, protecting your information is something we build into our processes from the very beginning. When we have an idea for a product, we find a way to make it such that it ensures your security and privacy. It’s a value we are deeply committed to because your trust means everything to us.

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