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Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Dev Sytems enables companies to maximize the potential of their mobility skills.

Dev Sytems Mobility solutions are helping companies to increase business agility, lower their operational costs, and most importantly gain advantage over their competitors. By using its vast experience over all aspects – Mobility, Cloud, Endpoints & Security, Dev Sytems can deliver solutions that addresses each requirement and ensures that the client completes the assignment on time, with maximum reliability and in minimum budget.

Field Survey App

A solution, where field-surveys can be conducted using mobile devices.

Can create Multilingual questionnaires.

The complete questionnaires can be configured in couple of days.

Saves time of training the surveyors.


Geotagging to keep the surveyors honest.

Surveys can be conducted in no coverage areas.

Mobile Workman Flow App

This application provides a single platform where workers can access their HR & Finance related information. The application provides all the details related to Leaves, Payslips, Loans, Bonus, Holiday Calendar, Provident fund, LTA etc. on single platform. It’s like one stop -enquiry solution provider to a worker.

Employees can access all the information at a glance. All the employee data is available on a single platform and they do not have to follow-up with different people in the organization.

It connects employees from anywhere and hence increases productivity. While they are moving outside the office, it allows them to be connected with their office work and provides them with access to various organizational resources.

While exchanging the information, the application ensures its security, avoids data loss, and at the same time provides accurate information.

These various enterprise mobility solutions, are allowing employees to better manage their time so that they can get -work done sooner and get home sooner.

Integrated mobility solutions are excellent tools for helping companies improve the productivity of their workforce and ensure business continuity.

Mobile Event and Conference App

EventGym, is a platform where you can build your own branded mobile app for your events. Your own mobile app would give your event more visibility, besides enabling all your attendees to interact more and give you more sponsorship opportunities.Benefits of using EventGym :

Enhance Your Brand

Increased Attendee Engagement

Generate Revenue

Gives Event Organizers Peace of Mind

Save Costs & Paper

Keep Improving Your Events

Build your own app in less than 2 hours

A demo App built on the EventGym platform is available for download on android, iOS and mobile web version. EventGym offers a free single trial event with limited branding for the users. It offers a range of comprehensive plans for all your business needs and also special customized plans tailored to suit your requirements. For more information on this platform or To request for a demo, please visit

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